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Joseline is a freelance writer and was formerly a content strategist at Asia Law Network. She entered legal tech to promote problem-solving and active learning with the use of technology.

[Photos] Tech + Law = NewLaw @ General Assembly
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Reading Time: 2 minutesAsiaLawNetwork partnered with ZHIANT and General Assembly to organize a Meetup group discussion on the impact of legal technology at General Assembly on 11 July 2017. Lawyers, law students, developers and individuals from various professions gathered to discuss disruptive legal technologies, a survey of new jobs for lawyers and who will be employing them. We […]

Lawyer Feature: Ronald JJ Wong from Covenant Chambers LLC
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Reading Time: 3 minutesAreas that you specialize in and why you choose this practice area I practise in commercial litigation, and corporate advisory and transactions. I practise in these areas because there is great satisfaction in intellectually engaging many different areas of law which apply in a myriad of circumstances, while serving people to try and achieve just […]

Cyberbullying and online defamation in Singapore – advice from 3 Lawyers

Reading Time: 7 minutesAs we become more interconnected through the internet and social media, we become much more vulnerable to becoming victims of cyberbullying and online defamation. Being deemed liable for a seemingly harmless comment that you have made online is also more likely than you think. Lawyers Pratap Kishan (Director, Ho Wong Law Practice LLC), Ushan Premaratne […]

[Photos] Cyberbullying and Defamation Panel Discussion @ Collision 8
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Reading Time: 2 minutesAsiaLawNetwork partnered with Collision 8, Ministry of Funny and the Singapore Kindness Movement to organize a panel event on cyberbullying and defamation at Collision 8 on 8 June 2017. This event was to discuss the increasingly relevant topic of cyberbullying and online defamation in the Internet age, and to share legal advice on what individuals […]

Lawyer Feature: Ushan Premaratne from Withers KhattarWong
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Reading Time: 3 minutesAreas that you specialize in and why you choose this practice area I specialize in dispute resolution and guide my clients through potential and actual legal disputes. I believe in achieving commercial solutions and through the offering of practical legal advice, I assist my clients to settle their disputes in an amicable and cost effective […]

Lawyer Feature: Srijit Jeshua Shashedaran from Netto & Magin LLC
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Reading Time: 2 minutesAreas that you specialize in and why you choose this practice area My firm is a full- service firm. We do a variety of matters. I have been involved in Construction disputes, Commercial & Company Law disputes, Divorce matters and Criminal matters. Practicing in a range of matters, gives me perspective and also deepens my […]

Lawyer Feature: Pratap Kishan from Ho Wong Law Practice LLC
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Reading Time: 3 minutesAreas that you specialise in and why you choose this practice area I handle a cross-section of civil and commercial litigation, matrimonial matters and criminal law. I also handle arbitration both in Singapore and International Arbitration.  I started out as a young lawyer many years ago wanting to specialise in criminal law, however I did […]

Know your rights as a professional
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Reading Time: 10 minutesTroubles in the workplace often arise when employees clash with their employers. These conflicts between employees and employers tend to be rooted in legal issues, such as a breach of the employment contract or the employee feeling that he has been wrongfully terminated by his employer. Lawyers Tan Cheow Hung (Director, Beacon Law Corporation) and […]

Planning to start a business or startup? Your Legal Questions Answered
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Reading Time: 13 minutesSo you have a unique and innovative business idea that you’d like to fully invest your time and energy in. But before realizing your entrepreneurship dreams, there’s still the legal aspects to take care of such as incorporating and preparing the legal documentation for your business. To help aspiring entrepreneurs, Samuel Ng (Director, BlackOak LLC) […]

What freelancers and self-employed need to know about the law in Singapore
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Reading Time: 11 minutesWhat must freelancers know about the legal implications of working in a gig economy? And from the perspective of employers, what do they have to consider when employing freelancers? Lau Kah Hee (Partner, Derrick Wong & Lim BC LLP) and Kang Yixian (Partner, Donaldson and Burkinshaw LLP) shared tips about freelance work during ‘Legal for […]

Getting legal help is not as difficult or expensive as you think
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Reading Time: 4 minutesGetting legal help is like pulling teeth, right? Most people think that it’s expensive, inconvenient and difficult to get a lawyer. Indeed, there seems to be no easy and straightforward method to choose a lawyer out of the 4,885 legal practitioners in 863 law firms in Singapore. Many are also intimidated at the prospect of […]

Art or Vandalism? Where Art meets the Law in Singapore
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Reading Time: 9 minutesArt collides with the law Two of the most talked about artworks in Singapore had appeared overnight to surprise both members of the public and public authorities. In a bold move, the artists of both artworks had bypassed the process of obtaining official permission to display their work in public. Their public artworks have since […]