Vietnam: Disputes arising from NDA – who volunteers to put “Wukong’s magical circlet” on?
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Reading Time: 7 minutesIn the case of a company that has sued its employee (“Employee”) for breaching a Non-Disclosure and Non–Competition Agreement limiting the Employee from working for the company’s competitors (non–competition agreement), several controversial assessments and legal precedents have followed. As made by the Commercial Arbitration Council (CAC), these have delivered different opinions to the concerned parties, […]

What do you need to know about Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in Singapore?
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Reading Time: 6 minutesIt’s not rare to keep valuable, or even potentially embarrassing information under wraps. In fact, it should be the norm. In early 2017, as the South Korean technology company, Samsung, began to roll-out its new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, local online media outlet, Mothership, reported that a Singaporean man was asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement […]