Parliament amends Women’s Charter to introduce divorce by mutual agreement option
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Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Singapore Parliament amended the Women’s Charter on 10 January 2022, introducing a new Divorce by Mutual Agreement (DMA) reason in divorce proceedings. The change is meant to provide a more amicable option for couples to split up legally. The DMA reason adds a new route for couples to mutually agree that their marriage has broken […]

What will happen to my HDB flat after I get a divorce?
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Reading Time: 5 minutesThe Department of Statistics Singapore has noted that divorce rates in 2016 were at a 10-year high. If you are currently undergoing divorce proceedings, we understand that it is a difficult process. One of your biggest concerns might be what would happen to your HDB flat after your divorce, given that it is likely to be […]

Women’s Charter: A Practical Guide Part 2
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Reading Time: 7 minutesWhat’s in this guide? In the first part of our guide to the Women’s Charter, we discussed the history of the Women’s Charter and the rights and obligations of husband and wife. In this second part, we will discuss divorce proceedings as set out in the Women’s Charter. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage as the sole […]

Proving Adultery in Divorce Under Singapore Law
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Reading Time: 6 minutesThe Story In 60 Seconds Adultery is defined as the voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone who is not his/her spouse. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage is the sole ground for divorce in Singapore You can file for divorce on the ground of irretrievable breakdown of marriage (on account of adultery) if your […]