Know Your Lawyer: Joshua Tan, Partner at Aquinas Law Alliance, Believes That Law Is A Business
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Reading Time: 6 minutesLaw is a business.  This is one of the first things Joshua shares with me, just three minutes into our interview.  Two or three decades earlier, this matter-of-fact utterance would have raised eyebrows and blood pressures, and sent senior lawyers within earshot spewing diatribes in defence of the sanctity of the legal profession.  But to […]

Vietnam: Work Permit – The Key Point in Resolving Labour Disputes with Foreign Employees
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Reading Time: 9 minutesOne of the requirements for foreigners to work in Vietnam is to be granted a work permit by the competent Vietnamese authorities (Article 169.1.(d) of the 2012 Labor Code).  However, due to the practical, day-to-day demands of business, many companies do not comply with this regulation and often sign labor contracts with foreign employees without […]

A Practical Guide: How do I wind up a company limited by shares?
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Reading Time: 10 minutesSometimes winding up your company is the only solution There are any number of reasons why a company may need to or will be compelled to dissolve and wind up its operations.  The company could have ceased its business activities, or it could have been the subject of a corporate restructuring exercise or it is […]

Need a guide to wind up your private company?
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Reading Time: 6 minutesIn theory, companies enjoy perpetual succession. In reality, however, companies usually do not last forever. A company with the most optimistic business prospects is still subject to business risk, and may not anticipate cash flow problems. In 2017 alone, 168 Singapore companies were wound up and placed in compulsory liquidation.[1] More recently, bike sharing operator […]