Pursuing Legal Action on Behalf of a Company
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Reading Time: 11 minutesWhat can a shareholder or company member do if the company has a claim against a third party but the directors of the company fail, neglect or refuse to commence action to pursue that claim? What if the claim is against the company’s directors for breach of directors’ or fiduciary duties? Or what if the […]

10 Common Causes of Conflicts Within Small Businesses (And How to Fix Them)
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Reading Time: 7 minutesHarsh truth When people extend their familiar or friendly relationship to a business environment, corporate trouble beckons, sometimes even disaster. A common scenario is that of family members, friends or fellow students starting a business with great ideas but without great (or any) legal agreements. As something turns sour, having insufficient (or no) contracts in […]

Shareholder Activism and How It May Affect Your Loans – A Practical Guide for Lenders
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Reading Time: 6 minutesThis article is intended to guide lenders on the key issues to consider when dealing with a corporate with multiple shareholders. The relevance of shareholders when dealing with a company Company law dictates that there be a separation of ownership and control and distribution of powers within a company. Simply put, the shareholders are the […]

Making Sense of “Death Spiral” Convertibles
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Reading Time: 4 minutesFocus on “death spiral” convertibles – which are essentially convertibles without a fixed conversion price – sharpened recently after a bondholder triggered unusual volume movements in the shares of LionGold and Magnus Energy by converting its bonds into shares below market price and selling huge quantities of these converted shares thereafter. In response to the […]

Share buybacks – secret weapon?
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Reading Time: 5 minutes  This article comes courtesy of Shook Lin & Bok LLP. One of the leading and full-service commercial law firms in Singapore with a strong Asian presence and global reach. They have close to a century of rich legal heritage with a number of partners who are eminent lawyers in their respective areas of expertise. […]