What happens if you cause a fatal traffic accident in Singapore?
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Reading Time: 10 minutesIn the first quarter of 2018 alone, 38 people have died in 36 accidents on our country’s roads. You might still remember the harrowing fatal collision between a taxi and an oncoming car which led to the death of a 19-year old female student earlier this year. Traffic accidents are now becoming a weekly occurrence […]

4 Common Types of Accident Claims in Singapore
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Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you are injured in an accident and it was not your fault that the accident happened, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. This is to recover your losses, such as loss of income when you are unable to work and damage to your possessions. But, what are the situations in […]

What to do if you get into a traffic accident with a foreign vehicle
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Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you get into a traffic accident with a foreign or Malaysian vehicle and want to claim damages for your loss, you have three options: Opt for a private settlement; Claim against your own insurance policy; or Claim against the other party’s insurers in Malaysia Opt for a private settlement If there are minimal injuries […]

Traffic Accident Victims: How to Make a Claim?
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Reading Time: 6 minutesGetting into a traffic accident is an inevitability for many drivers. In 2016, the Singapore Police Force reported 10,828 traffic accidents in Singapore. This figure only accounts for accidents resulting in fatalities or injuries, so one can only imagine how many more traffic accidents occur each year. Making a claim after being involved in a […]

How to Defend Against a Traffic Accident Claim
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Reading Time: 7 minutesTraffic accidents are not uncommon in Singapore. In 2016, the Singapore Police Force reported 10,828 traffic accidents in Singapore which resulted in injuries or fatalities. Although this was the lowest traffic fatality rate in Singapore since 1981, the number of accidents resulting in injuries actually increased. If you have been involved in a traffic accident, […]