Workplace bullying: Know your rights and remedies

Reading Time: 8 minutesWorkplace bullying is more common than you think It is often said that the office is a second home. This is especially so in Singapore, where long hours of work is a norm. A 2016 survey conducted by Roffey Park (a leadership institute based in Singapore and the UK) revealed that Singaporean employees spend even […]

governing law and contracts_Asia Law Network
Governing Law & Contracts: Why You Should Never Forget It!

Reading Time: 4 minutesContractual disputes can flare up at any time Contracts are everywhere in our lives – from employment contracts to taking out a bank loan – we consent to the terms and conditions of the agreements we sign, and we are bound to honour each agreement to the best of our abilities. But occasionally, there will […]

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Coworking Spaces and Letter of Demand

Reading Time: 3 minutesCoworking Spaces: A Brief Tour The rise of the cowork space signals a change in the tide relating to commercial work space and a fresh look at traditional working methods. We would like to take you on a brief tour of the cowork space landscape in Singapore. It is useful to note that the cowork […]

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Tan Peng Chin LLC’s Update on Business Arrangements and Tax Avoidance

Reading Time: 4 minutesOften professional services are provided through companies. Typically, a company would employ an individual who would provide professional services to the company’s client/customers/patients. We understand that the Comptroller of Income Tax (“CIT”) has been scrutinising such business structure arrangements with a view to determining if such arrangements are tax avoidance arrangements. Where the CIT concludes […]

Australia avoids US steel and aluminium tariffs but will feel the effects of a trade war
Australia avoids US steel and aluminium tariffs but will feel the effects of a trade war

Reading Time: 3 minutesAustralia exempt from large US tariffs on imported steel and aluminium US President Trump announced that Australia, together with Brazil and Argentina would be exempt from large US tariffs on imported steel and aluminium. President Trump was of the opinion that exports from these three countries alone did not threaten US national security. The reasoning in respect […]

FAQ on Trademark Registration in Hong Kong
Protect Your Brand – FAQ on Trademark Registration in Hong Kong

Reading Time: 3 minutes#1 .  What counts as a trademark? A trademark usually takes the form of a logo that would serve as distinctive corporate identity. It may consist of text and numbers, as well as more intangible elements such as colour, sound, smell and shape. The full definition according to the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) of Hong […]

What is a Notary Public?

Reading Time: 10 minutesAsk anyone if they know what a Notary Public is, and the most likely response you will get is a quizzical look or a raised eyebrow. Nonetheless, despite being obscure-sounding and relatively unknown, a Notary Public performs the important function of notarizing documents that are to be used overseas. Foreign persons, entities or institutions overseas, […]

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A Guide to Initial Coin Offerings (Part 3 of 3)

Reading Time: 9 minutesIn Part 2 of this series, we looked at the various regulations governing Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). To give a quick recap, on one end of the spectrum there is China, which has completely banned ICOs. On the other end, we have Gibraltar which has drafted specific legislation for ICOs. The majority of the other […]

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Void or Voidable Contracts: What’s The Difference?

Reading Time: 7 minutesIn some circumstances, a contract can be nullified. In general, for a contract to be considered legally binding, it should fulfil four key characteristics: A clear agreement between all the relevant parties on what is offered, and a clear acceptance of the offer; Consideration – i.e. something of value that is given in exchange for […]

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Startup Law Academy: Raising Funds for your Business

Reading Time: 4 minutesDuring a panel discussion organized by Asia Law Network, with partners General Assembly, e27 and WeWork Beach Centre, Ronald JJ Wong (Director with Covenant Chambers LLC), Wang Yingyu (Director with Taylor Vinters Via LLC), Paul Ong (Associate Director at Innoven Capital) and Kelvin Teo (CEO and Co-Founder of Funding Societies) shared their thoughts on the […]

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Administrative Contract under Thai Law: Procedure and remedy in an event of breach

Reading Time: 7 minutesIntroduction: Why do administrative contracts matter? In countries with a Dual Court System (e.g. France, Germany and Thailand) the type of courts are divided into: (1) the court which has the competent jurisdiction over disputes arising out of private matters and (2) the court which has the competent jurisdiction over disputes arising out of public […]