Changes to Singapore’s Goods and Services Tax Regime – What do you need to know?

Reading Time: 4 minutesIntroducing Overseas Vendor Registration and the Reverse Charge Mechanism. In October 2018, the Goods and Services Tax Act was amended so that Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) in Singapore will extend to imported services from 1 January 2020 onwards. Starting from 1 January 2020,[1] GST will be introduced on imported services via: an Overseas Vendor […]

Thailand Tax Alert: Thai Government Announces New International Business Center (“IBC”) Tax Incentive

Reading Time: 3 minutesOn 28 December 2018, the Thai Revenue Department (“TRD”) announced a new program of tax incentives through the issuing of Royal Decree No.674 (“RD 674”). Key points of RD 674 Section 3: Definition of IBCs Section 4, 5 and 6: PIT at 15% for foreign nationals working for IBCs and their required qualifications Section 7: […]

Singapore Trade Marks – New Yorker S.H.K Jeans GMBH & Co. KG Succeeds on Partial Revocation Against Daidoh Limited’s Registered Mark – New Yorker S.H.K Jeans GMBH & co. KG V Daidoh Limited [2017] SGIPOS 16

Reading Time: 5 minutesIn a decision rendered by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), IPOS ordered for partial revocation against Daidoh Limited’s registered trade mark. (A) Who are the parties involved in this case? (a) New Yorker S.H.K Jeans GmbH & Co. KG (“Applicant”) (b) Daidoh Limited (“Registrant”) (B) What actually happened? On 7 September 2011, the […]

Starting an Online Business in Australia

Reading Time: 3 minutesA QUICK LEGAL CHECKLIST You have a great idea for a product or service, you have your website up and running, and you’re getting ready to go to market online. It’s an exciting time and the last thing you want to think about is your company’s and your website’s legal compliance. But it’s an important […]

Singapore Trade Marks – USA Pro IP Limited’s Applications for Invalidation and Revocation of Monfort Services’ Were Successfully Made Out – Monfort Services SDN.BHD.V.USA Pro IP Limited [2018] SGIPOS 3

Reading Time: 8 minutesIn a decision rendered by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (“IPOS”), it has held that USA PRO IP Limited’s applications for invalidation and revocation succeeded on the ground of bad faith and non-use respectively. (A) Who are the parties involved in this case? USA Pro IP Limited (“Applicants”) The Applicants deposed that they are […]

SMU Lexicon: Looking for Creativity in Telephone Directories: Global Yellow Pages

Reading Time: 5 minutesIntroduction In Global Yellow Pages Ltd v Promedia Directories Pte Ltd (“Global Yellow Pages”),1 the Court of Appeal (“CA”) clarified the extent of copyright protection afforded to databases. In doing so, the CA considered issues of copyright subsistence and infringement for compilation of factual material, providing guidance on the nature of copyright protection in Singapore. […]

Regional Update: Thailand’s 2019 Power Development Plan: What to Expect

Reading Time: 4 minutesDFDL Thailand, Bangkok | Expected in early January, Thailand’s forthcoming amended Power Development Plan (PDP) will set the course for nationwide power system development and operation over the coming years. The amended document will represent the first major update to Thailand’s PDP since 2015’s version, which in turn came three years after its predecessor. Each version […]

Hong Kong Maritime Series: Is the arresting party entitled to stop the judicial sale of the vessel as of right?

Reading Time: 4 minutesIntroduction In the recent case of The “Long Bright” [2018] SGHC 216, the Singaporean High Court had to decide on whether the arresting party who wishes to discontinue the action is entitled to release the arrested vessel and stop the judicial sale as of right even after bids from potential buyers have been received. The facts The […]

Singapore Trade Marks – Settling Differences? US Tech Giant Apple Inc Fails to Prevent Swiss Watchmaker Swatch AG from Trade Mark Registration – APPLE INC. V SWATCH AG (SWATCH SA) (SWATCH LTD) [2018] SGIPOS 15

Reading Time: 10 minutesIn a decision rendered by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), IPOS has thought different from Apple Inc as it allowed Swatch AG to proceed with their “Tick different” registration. (A) Who are the parties involved in this case? (a) Apple Inc. (“Opponent”, also referred to as Apple) Apple is a Californian technology company founded in 1976. […]

Hong Kong Case Study: Applications of non-primary care parents to relocate abroad with their children

Reading Time: 3 minutesIntroduction There is a common perception that the application to remove a child permanently overseas is less likely to be successful if the non-primary care parent is the applicant. Indeed, the Court tends to maintain the current living arrangement of a child in order to avoid significant disruptions in his life. As such, the Court […]