Lunch With A Lawyer: Janna Wong, Associate At Heng, Leong and Srinivasan LLC
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Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen I reached out to Janna over email to request an interview, Janna suggested that we meet here, at The Malayan Council on Winstedt Road. When our meeting finally rolls around, I dig into a decadent slice of ondeh-ondeh cake, and start Janna off with the all-time favourite question of law school admissions panels everywhere: […]

Know Your Lawyer: Joshua Tan, Partner at Aquinas Law Alliance, Believes That Law Is A Business
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Reading Time: 6 minutesLaw is a business.  This is one of the first things Joshua shares with me, just three minutes into our interview.  Two or three decades earlier, this matter-of-fact utterance would have raised eyebrows and blood pressures, and sent senior lawyers within earshot spewing diatribes in defence of the sanctity of the legal profession.  But to […]

Know Your Lawyer: Why Sarah-Mae Thomas, Managing Director of Sarah-Mae Thomas LLC, Is Singapore’s Elle Woods
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Reading Time: 10 minutesJust three weeks before Part A of the Singapore Bar exams, Sarah-Mae received a note from the Ministry of Law. Her application to be exempted from taking the exams had been rejected. To move back to Singapore to be with her family, Sarah-Mae had written essays, submitted letters of recommendation and sent in her CV […]

Know Your Lawyer: Thangavelu, Consultant At Trident Law Corporation, Turns Confusion Into Clarity
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Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen one of his former clients was about to be executed, Thangavelu did not hesitate to open his home to the man’s parents.  The former client was a foreigner who had been charged with drug trafficking in Singapore. His parents, who had flown in to visit their son for the last time, did not know […]

Jacqueline Chua, Managing Partner of Jacque Law, speaks to us about medical negligence
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Reading Time: 4 minutesWe interviewed Jacqueline Chua—the Managing Partner of Jacque Law LLC, an up-and-coming boutique law firm which specialises in medical negligence cases and private client matters—to find out more about how her practice helps her clients through their most difficult and vulnerable times. Prior to founding her firm, Jacqueline trained and practised at the most reputable […]

Lawyer Feature: Viviene Sandhu, Partner in Clifford Law, shares how she admires the Obamas, and how she takes pride in mentoring aspiring lawyers.
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Reading Time: 5 minutesViviene is an experienced advocate of more than 21 years who has represented clients in all areas of civil litigation, with a primary focus on insurance and family law. Viviene has handled a broad spectrum of cases ranging from simple cases to complex and contentious matters at all levels of the Singapore Court hierarchy. From […]

Lawyer Feature – Arvin Lee from Wee Swee Teow & Co.
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Reading Time: 13 minutesEver wondered what does it takes to be an international arbitration practitioner in one of the oldest law firms in Singapore? Asia Law Network had the privilege of interviewing Mr Arvin Lee, Partner and Arbitrator at Wee Swee Teow LLP, to get a firsthand understanding of the intricacies within international arbitration. Arvin takes a problem-solving approach […]

Lawyer Feature: Yvette Anthony from Braddell Brothers
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Reading Time: 6 minutes“Everyone feels that (fighting) disputes are glamourous, you show up dressed up with your court bag, and that is one of the biggest misconceptions.” Asia Law Network sits down with Yvette Anthony, Partner, Litigation and Arbitration Counsel at Braddell Brothers LLP, and also a newly minted mum of one. Yvette has over nine years of […]

Feature with Celia Sia, Director, Hub Services, Singapore Economic Development Board
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Reading Time: 4 minutes“I try to learn from everyone I encounter… When I observe someone do something great, I ask myself, how can I do that or be that as well?” Celia Sia, a former lawyer at Rajah & Tann, left practice to join the Economic Development Board (EDB). She was subsequently seconded to the Ministry of Law […]

Feature with Chen Siyuan, Associate Professor of Singapore Management University
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Reading Time: 4 minutes“…a substantial part of lawyering is interpreting the data and making decisions. This is not something legal tech can replace anytime soon, as interpretation and decision-making are not premised on strict mathematical, scientific, or logical rules but intuition and an assessment of human nature.” Asia Law Network had the opportunity to catch up with Chen […]

Lawyer Feature: Cheryl Yang from AEI Legal
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Reading Time: 4 minutesWhat does corporate legal work entail? For lawyers like Cheryl, it’s about the challenge and satisfaction that comes from helping clients close complex deals. In our interview with Cheryl, she debunks some of the common misconceptions that others have about her work. Cheryl Yang is an Associate Director of AEI Legal LLC. Her work involves […]

Lawyer Feature: Ng Shi Yang of the Law Society Pro Bono Services (LSPBS), Singapore
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Reading Time: 8 minutes“When you can help to get someone a fair outcome for their case, you are giving time back to them and their family.” That is what pro bono work means to Ng Shi Yang, CLAS Advocate, Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS). Asia Law Network sits down with Shi Yang to learn how he made the transition […]