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White-Collar Crimes in Singapore: Tales of Terrible Lessons (Part 1 of 3)

Reading Time: 7 minutesIn a three-part series, lawyer Edmund Lam shares more about white-collar crimes and illustrations of the different types of white-collar crimes. In the first part of this series, Edmund shares more about white-collar crimes and provides illustrations on money laundering and signing of false certificates. To many of us, white-collar crime stories seem to be […]

Making a Mitigation Plea in Singapore

Reading Time: 6 minutesAfter a person is found guilty of an offence, the Court will decide on the punishment. The prosecution will usually submit a sentence which their office sees as befitting of the offence. In response, the offender or his lawyer is entitled to make a plea in mitigation. The Court will pass sentence after hearing the prosecution’s […]

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Brothels in HDBs and Condominiums – You May Be Liable! (with

Reading Time: 5 minutesAsia Law Network is collaborating with to bring great property-related legal content to readers of both blogs. In this article, Lawyer Marianne Chew talks about Brothels in HDBs and Condominiums. The Story In 60 Seconds Increase in reports of brothels being operated out of residential apartments Landlords, agents or tenants of these brothels are liable […]

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How to choose a mediator?

Reading Time: 6 minutesMediation – an alternative to Court litigation that is gaining traction When a serious dispute arises, the common response is to instruct lawyers immediately and to take the battle straightaway into the Courtroom. This may be the preference of many who have no faith that the dispute can be resolved. In recent times however, disputants […]

Private Gambling in Singapore: Is It Legal?

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe Story In 60 Seconds There are a total of five laws that cover all aspects of gambling: The Common Gaming Houses Act – This act regulates and suppresses all common gaming houses, public gaming, and public lotteries The Betting Act – Which regulates common betting-houses, betting in public locations, and bookmakers Private Lotteries Act […]

When Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

Reading Time: 4 minutesEvery year, about 12,000 people face criminal charges in court without a criminal lawyer. While it is not compulsory to be represented by a lawyer, it may be useful to hire a lawyer given the difficulties of self-representation and the potentially serious consequences of a criminal conviction. What is a criminal lawyer? All practising lawyers […]

The ‘Refinancing’ Tactic: How a licensed moneylender bent the rules to their advantage

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn July this year, the Straits Times reported a case involving a woman who was pressured by a licensed moneylender to renew her loan 16 times, obliging her to repay far more than what she owes. Using the woman’s case as an example, we discuss the ‘refinancing’ tactic used by more opportunistic moneylenders to overcharge their borrowers […]

Pursuing Legal Action on Behalf of a Company

Reading Time: 11 minutesWhat can a shareholder or company member do if the company has a claim against a third party but the directors of the company fail, neglect or refuse to commence action to pursue that claim? What if the claim is against the company’s directors for breach of directors’ or fiduciary duties? Or what if the […]

Financial Institutions: 3 Ways the Singapore Government Is Intensifying Anti Money Laundering Efforts

Reading Time: 6 minutesSingapore’s reputation as a global financial centre makes it susceptible to cross-border money laundering activities. In response, the Singapore government has stepped its efforts to protect the system’s integrity, in three ways. This article is written by Shashi Nathan and originally published in The Business Times. The “Article in 60 Seconds” is contributed by Leanne Cheng. […]

Receiving payments from a company when winding-up proceedings have been commenced against it

Reading Time: 4 minutesCentaurea International Pte Ltd (in liquidation) v Citus Trading Pte Ltd [2016] SGHC 264 We examine the first local reported decision on the issue of validating payments under Section 259 of the Companies Act. Essentially, while any payment made by a company after the commencement of its winding is prima facie void, Section 259 provides […]

A Guide to Letters of Demand

Reading Time: 6 minutesSeeking compensation from that rascal that rear-ended your beloved Mercedes? Trying to recover unpaid bills from a recalcitrant client that simply refuses to pay up?  It is always recommended to attempt to resolve these issues amicably if it’s possible.  If you want to preserve a meaningful business or personal relationship, you can try to negotiate on a settlement […]

Curveball Series: Should I Sue? (6 general considerations)

Reading Time: 3 minutesMany people are sometimes in situations so frustrating that we feel compelled to sue someone else for putting them through a maelstrom of anger, fear, frustration and shock. This could range from slander to unfair and unethical business practices. However, once you get down to it, you really need to ask yourself 6 questions to […]