construction site in Singapore against a backdrop of public housing (4 Common Types of Accident Claims in Singapore_Asia_Law_Network)
4 Common Types of Accident Claims in Singapore

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you are injured in an accident and it was not your fault that the accident happened, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. This is to recover your losses, such as loss of income when you are unable to work and damage to your possessions. But, what are the situations in […]

Means and merits testing (Do you qualify for legal aid?) and FAQ on legal aid

Reading Time: 9 minutesLegal aid is available for Singaporeans and PR The Legal Aid Bureau provides assistance to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who need access to legal representation in civil cases but are unable to afford it. They must be: Singapore citizens or permanent residents who are in Singapore; Citizens or residents of contracting states who are involved […]

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Can WhatsApp messages be used in court in Singapore?

Reading Time: 6 minutes67% of Singaporeans use WhatsApp More and more Singaporeans are using WhatsApp as a main messaging platform to communicate. As of Q4 2016, 67% of Singaporeans use WhatsApp and this is only slightly behind Youtube (75%) and Facebook (72%). Singaporeans are not just using WhatsApp for personal conversations but also increasingly, for business conversations. Inevitable question […]

What’s the difference between advocates, solicitors, barristers, counsels, notaries, lawyers and attorney in Singapore?

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhy so many legal terms for lawyers? All of us have come to recognise different words referring to lawyers such as barrister, solicitor, notary, advocate, counsel and attorney. Are they the same? What really is the difference? How do you know which type of lawyer you need? Each of them defined Let’s kick off with […]

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Most Common and Confusing Legal Words (Legalese) Explained Simply

Reading Time: 9 minutesA technical and confusing language of the law Legal terms can be extremely confusing for laypeople, yet lawyers seem to employ them at whim. Every law school student is required to learn this, so they pick it up over their years in law school, use it in their professional lives daily and eventually might not […]

When will you need legal advice?

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe average Singaporean needs legal advice approximately 5 times in the course of his or her life according to internal research. These are often tied to various life stages that a typical individual might go through. Check out this nifty infographic that we created from our internal research which ties the various major life events with […]

Photograph of a smiling lawyer in a black suit -- getting a second opinion on legal advice
Second opinion for legal advice — should you get one?

Reading Time: 4 minutesShould you get a second opinion? Ok! You’ve just gotten some legal advice from a lawyer. They might be a friend or family member who is a lawyer, or a lawyer that you have engaged and paid to give you legal advice. You are now equipped with your options and information to make your decision […]

A visual guide to the type of work passes in Singapore

Reading Time: 4 minutesEmployers rely on foreign workers for various reasons – whether to answer the shortage of local workers or to fill specialised roles. The Ministry of Manpower reports 1.393 million foreign workers in Singapore as of December 2016. Employers who want to tap into foreign talent must apply for work passes. It can be a complicated […]

How many lawyers are there in Singapore? [Infographic]

Reading Time: 2 minutesEver wondered how many lawyers there are in Singapore? According to the Law Society of Singapore, there are 4,834 lawyers with practicing certificates in Singapore as of 2015. A lawyer in Singapore must have a practicing certificate to practice It is mandatory for a lawyer to have a valid practicing certificate issued by the Law […]

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The Singapore Legal System at a Glance (in 1 min)

Reading Time: 2 minutesDo you know the Singapore Legal System? Is it really necessary for you to know the Singapore Legal System? Not really, but it is really useful to have an idea so do take a few moments and have a quick look. This article is a 1-minute read to give you a quick overview of the […]

How to Resolve Parenting Conflicts Out of Court – Tips from a Matrimonial Lawyer

Reading Time: 3 minutesParenting conflicts can arise from different parenting  styles  Quite often, conflicts in parenting style can lead to marital breakdown and at its worst, can manifest during the divorce process. It is clear that we are born and raised differently and no one shares the same childhood experience. It’s very rare to have parents agree completely […]